Tips for Young Entrepreneurs: A Roadmap to Business Success

WHAT WE’VE EXPERIENCED over the past few decades is a shift away from the self-carved path of earning your own dime to a well-trodden one in which the young professional is filtered through a series of coffee runs into the corporate world.

Young entrepreneurs should and often do challenge this system, and in doing so face a seemingly endless list of obstacles that stem from educational, financial, and societal limitations.

Educational Limits to Youth Entrepreneurship

Even if every single class I’ve ever taken applied to entrepreneurship, which I can assure you is not the case, it’s hard to take what we learn in a classroom and apply it to the world around us. I learned more in my first week of trying to come up with a business idea than I did in at least half of the classes that I took throughout my high school career – for many young people this is the case.

It is for this reason that solutions like the one we’ve built at Quarry Custom Clothing and the entire concept of DECA and of Junior Achievement exist.

Helping young people get into business is no new idea, but the perception that we need help in the first place highlights an issue with our educational system – what we get in a textbook or classroom simply doesn’t compare to what we get outside of these educational routes. It is because of this notion that almost any first year university student with entrepreneurial ambitions seeks out internships; there’s a lack of tangible skills taught in our educational system that we are responsible for learning on our own time.